Bio-CO2 Fractional Laser


  • Skin lifting & resurfacing.
  • Pigments and scar removal.
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Bio CO2 Fractional Laser is an aesthetic technology, known as Fractional Photothermolysis theory (dot-matrix light and heat decomposition), the 10.6µm far-infrared laser will evenly mark with tiny holes, designed for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. This advanced laser system harnesses the power of carbon dioxide (CO2) to deliver precise and controlled fractional laser treatments, promoting a smoother, more youthful complexion.


  • Skin lifting & resurfacing. 
  • Pigments and scar removal.

Device specification

Product Name KLS-106
Laser Type USA
Wavelength 10600nm
Function  ·         Dot matrix function

·         Ultra pulse function, Private function

·         Vulva function

Power 1-30W (optional 40W, 50W, 60W)
Laser Working Mode Dot matrix
Graphical Output Five basic graphics of square, circle, triangle, hexagon, ellipse, custom graphics.
Scanning Pattern Size 0.1*0.1mm-20*20mm
Point Spacing 0.1-2mm; stepping 0.1mm
Interval 0.5s-5s; stepping 0.5s
Light guiding system 7 articulated arms
Scan mode Sequential Mode, out of order mode, medium mode
Brightness 1-5 level adjustable
Number of scans 1-10 times
Aiming beam 650nm,
Laser working mode Pulse/ super pulse
Interval 0-100ms, Stepping 1ms
Power 1-30W (optional 40W, 50W, 60W)
Pulse width 1-100ms; Stepping 1ms
Input power ACI 10V-220V
Net weight 40 kg
Power 30W
Size 370*570*1920mm


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